We’re moving our most popular Lunch & Learn sessions online, and making them totally free to local WV creatives and small business owners.  If you’re looking for productive ways to work on your business while we’re all at home, our Lunch and Learn series is the perfect place to start!

Each session will be 30 minutes of concentrated information, along with a resource guide and Q&A Session.

Social Media for Small Business

Thursday, March 25.  1:00pm

We’ll discuss different social media platforms, how they can each be used to market your business, and share productivity tips to establish and maintain a cohesive presence online, and resource for both DIY and outsourcing social media content.

Download the Guide Here!

SEO for Small Business

Thursday, April 2.  1:00pm

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) sounds like a complex, scary term.  Simply put, search engines want to deliver the most accurate and relevant results to consumers.  Structuring your website and the information it contain in a strategic way will help search engines find your site and deliver those results to those who are looking for your products or services.

We will discuss the basics of SEO, share tips on how to perform your own site audit, and provide resources and workflows for both DIY and outsourcing SEO.

Download the Guide Here

Blogging for SEO

Thursday, April 9.  1:00pm

Blogging is an easy way to consistently add fresh content to your website, which is an important factor in SEO.  Writing content for your blog can also be a great way to deliver important information and client education to your target audience, and creates a base of content for you to use for social media posts.

Video Marketing for Small Business

Thursday, April 16.  1:00pm


Video Marketing is more important now than ever before.  We’ll talk about DIY methods to use video in your marketing plan, along with tips for using existing video that you may have in your marketing portfolio, and give tips for when (and how) to work with a professional on creating high quality video content for your brand.

Each meeting can be shared Live on our Facebook page.