Though we are separated by distance, we are united by our commitment to our community and the creative spirit that runs deep here in the Mountain State.

Our video will focus on themes of community and creativity while under quarantine.  We want to highlight the things you already have been doing, are actually doing (ie, please don’t stage a new thing for the purposes of this video) This covers most of the time you’re spending at home:

How you’re connecting/spending time with your family/housemates, and how you’re staying connected to those who live outside your home.

How you’re flexing your creative muscles during this time.  This includes the creative skills you use everyday in our business, alongside any passion projects, art of any kind, old or new hobbies, creative cooking, home improvements, or whatever the heck else you’ve been doing to keep your mind busy during this time.

Community Service projects that you may be involved in during this time (please be respectful of other people who may not wish to be on video).

Any business you’ve been able to continue with under the Stay at Home order (working from home, working alone in your space, mailing out products from your shop, preparing for future business, etc)

Essential work that has continued during this time.  If you or a family member are an essential worker and have continued working in the community, clips that reflect that work and service.  (again, please be respectful if your work happens around others and choose clips that respect the privacy of those who may not want to be filmed).

We also need b-roll highlighting our physical separation. Get as creative with that as you like.

Tips for Video Clips:

Film your video in landscape.  If you’re using a mobile phone, this means turning it on its side.

Clips should be 5-10 seconds in length.  They can be longer if you are filming yourself and need time to set up and start your shot before filming.  You can trim them, or I can, so it’s okay if there is some set up happening.  (for you non-video people, know that I will not be using your full clip, this gives me time and options)

Look for good lighting. Utilize daylight and avoid mixed lighting situations.

Stabilize your camera.  If you don’t have a tripod, get creative with propping your camera/phone with things you do have to create a stable, level shot.  If you do go handheld or wish to utilize camera movement, avoid non-purposeful movements like camera shakes.

If you are sending multiple clips, it’s recommended to use a storytelling format (variety of wide, medium, and tight shots and/or story sequences with beginning, middle, and end).

If you are a video pro, my preference is 24p.  1080 is fine (you can totally send 4k if you want though) and I prefer a neutral color profile over flat or fully saturated.  If you do want to color grade your clips before sending, please stick to natural color.

Submit Your Video Clips

Clips can be emailed to Rebecca.  Utilize sharing services like Dropbox or Google Drive when needed. Please submit clips by Wednesday, April 22.