Marketing departments are kings of multitasking.  Often given shoestring budgets and lofty goals, they’ve gotten creative at making things work.

The growing market sector of video has increased the demand for high-quality video.  You’re faced with the option of splitting your marketing budget between another employee (or team of employees) designated solely to video production, or spending toward video assets and ad time. For many small and mid-range marketing departments, the cost of another employee alone would wipe out their entire marketing budget.  Even if you already have a talented individual on your team who is up for the challenge of tackling the learning curve of video, purchasing the gear needed to make a quality video will demolish your budget.

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Quality Video Production

Let’s talk about quality.  That’s the key term here. The internet and television are saturated with mediocre or just plain bad videos.  Even good a good falls prey to the mindless scroll.  You want something extraordinary; something to stand out.  You want a video that makes users stop the scroll and watch. You want a video that matches the quality of your current marketing campaigns. This is where MotionWorks video production services come in.

Video Production Options

No two companies are the same, and their video production needs aren’t the same either.  Every one of our projects is a custom quote, designed to meet the needs of each company.  From turnkey productions where we shoot, edit, and deliver totally new content, to collaborative projects where we provide the missing piece to your video production puzzle, we are ready to work with you.

Our Video Process

We spent time in pre-production, making sure that the entire team has a unified vision for the project.  This allows MotionWorks to develop an outline and plan the technical and logistical details prior to filming.  On the shoot day, we’re ready.  From interviews with C-level executives and corporate events to getting in the middle of the action to capture the amazing things you’re doing, our team is professional and prepared.

Our editing process allows for your team to easily review projects and present revisions just as easily as you do for any in house projects.  For projects that use your existing video assets, or projects where we film and deliver assets to you for delivery, our file transfer process is quick and easy.

Let’s Talk About Your Video Project

Ready to get started on your next marketing video?  From stand-alone television commercials, to videos that are a piece of a targeting digital marketing campaign, we’re ready to make it happen.  Contact MotionWorks to start the conversation about your video today!