Last year we worked with Waynesburg University to produce a series of video projects.  WU has a robust marketing department, a clear vision for their campaigns, and an existing collection of photo and video assets to be used for their projects.

Nursing Student Mission Trip

We started off the year traveling with the nursing department as they spent their spring break on New Providence Island, holding a healthcare clinic for residents in an underprivileged neighborhood. Students gathered necessary over the counter medications, vitamins, and other healthcare supplies and delivered them to those in need through a week of healthcare clinics hosted by a neighborhood church.  Even basic healthcare items are very expensive to purchase on the island, and the need for qualified healthcare professionals is very high.  Students worked under the supervision of their nursing supervisor and a pharmacist to provide basic well-checks on clients.

Nursing Program Highlight

Later in the spring, we created a Nursing Program Highlight.  We interviewed several of the Nursing Program students to hear what features of the program they found provided extra value.  We checked out the Simulation Lab, where students learn procedures on realistic manikins, before putting their skills to work in the medical field.  Students also expressed their appreciation of the core values of the school; where learning, service, and faith go hand in hand.

GROW Campaign

“Extraordinary growth leads to extraordinary things.”

The GROW campaign invites prospective students to discover the growth potential that Waynesburg University can help them unlock within themselves.

With a wide variety of both undergrad and graduate level degree programs and a high percentage of graduates reporting finding a job within one year of graduation; Waynesburg offers a stellar opportunity to grow one’s knowledge.

Faith is an integral part of the Waynesburg University’s mission, and students have the opportunity to grow in faith across the curriculum. From Tuesday Chapel to classes, Bible Study groups, even individual artistic pursuits, faith is evident among the students and faculty at the University.

Waynesburg guides students into paths where they can practice the career skills that they’re learning in the classroom to work for their community.  Putting those skills to work to serve others is a powerful way to experience growth in service.

This film summarizes those three concepts and highlights some awesome features of the University.

GROW Social Media Video

Following through on this concept we created a social media short for the GROW campaign.

Additionally, we provided support for their staff video team on several projects and produced several internal films, including covering the announcement of a new partnership between Waynesburg University and Chevron: The Center for Corporate Social Responsibility.  We look forward to sharing more about the Center in 2019, and to all the new films we’ll complete with Waynesburg University throughout the year!

Video Production for You

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