Adding video to your workshop, retreat, or conference is a great way to get the most out of your event.  In the short term, the attendees of your event will see the video and share the experience with others.  This kind of social marketing can create long term buzz for future events and your business as a whole.

Video Creates a Passive Income Stream

If you are hosting an educational retreat or workshop, you already know that the information shared has value.  Those who attend your retreat in person already recognize that value.  Having the educational content recorded and professionally edited gives you the option to share this content with those who could not attend in person, but still recognize the value of what you have to offer.

The content from your workshop can be filmed, professionally edited, and developed as a passive income source for your business.  Upload the content once, then utilize your email list, social media, and website to establish a sales funnel.  You’ve already done the work to structure the content, now let that content work for you!

Today’s Conference Video Promotes Your Next Event

The hardest part of growing the educational side of your business is showing how that education will provide value to those that attend.  While current attendees will enjoy seeing a highlight of this year’s event, that content can easily be repurposed into promotional material for your next event!

Your first workshop, retreat, or conference is going to be the hardest, and most costly to pull off.  It’s a lot of work, without an established audience base, in a field you may not be familiar with.  We understand how it can be daunting to add another expense (like video) to the list of needs for your event.

Retreat Highlight Video

Recently, we filmed the Frazzled to Free Retreat held by local artist, Emily Kurth.  Emily is the creative mastermind behind Coco and June, a company dedicated to spreading positivity and kindness through art and lifestyle goods. Emily is an inspiration to be around, and retreats are a natural extension of her current business.  As she developed the vision for not just this retreat, but the future outlook for a new direction for the growth of her business, she recognized that video (along with professional photos, by Amberlee Christy Photography) would be valuable resources for the future.

All of the hard work she put in to prepare this retreat is now captured to use as promotional material for future retreats and for her to use on her website and social media.  In addition to the 3 minute highlight (with the option to re-edit as for future retreats), we provided Emily with a 60 second short, a branded and captioned version* of that 60 second short, and a documentary edit of the educational content from her retreat.

*I’m super excited to share our branded and captioned concept for businesses.  It’s a powerful way to get your message out with instant recognition! Stay tuned next week for more on that. Be sure to join the 304 Collective mailing list so you don’t miss it!

If you are currently planning a conference, retreat, workshop, or event, we would love to talk to you about a custom video package for your event.  Contact the 304 Collective today to start the conversation about your video needs.