Last week we talked about how easy it can be to write quality content that your readers will connect with, and search engines will love.  That kind of content helps to get your SEO up.  It can also save you time in the long run!

If you’re going to spend this much time crafting an excellent post, I want you to get all the mileage out of it that you can!

blog content publishing map

Publish Your Blog

I included this as the first step, because it’s often the biggest hurdle we need to get over.  We want everything to be just perfect, we want to tweak it a little more, maybe play with the format, sometimes even change up the whole format of our blog or entire website.  (These are all thoughts that I have had).  Put all those hesitations aside, set a deadline do your solid best, then hit publish.

Use Your Blog Post for Email Marketing

By far my favorite way to use my blog is to send it to my email list with an RSS Automation that I set up within MailChimp.  It’s complicated to set up but has saved me SO much time. If you received the snippet of this post in an email from me, it was through my automated feed.  Once I set it up (sometime last year) all I have to do is hit publish on this post and MailChimp does the rest of the work to send it to you!  Warning – it is next level complicated to set up, so don’t get discouraged.  If you get stuck, send me an email and we’ll set up a day to work on it together.

My friend Emily with Coco and June has a standard email template that she just updates and clicks send on.  No automation on her end, it still looks great, and most importantly, it gets done.  Emily attended our FOCUS 2020 Workshop and shared how email marketing has changed her business in a big way!

Another way that I will use blog content in my email marketing is to incorporate a link in my welcome series (this post will become that, so if you just subscribed and you’re reading this because you click an email link, then it’s working!).

The big time saver for me in using these to address client FAQs.  When I’m brainstorming blog topics, I run down the questions that clients have asked me.  I find those make the best article ideas.  Then the next time someone asks, instead of crafting a response from scratch (or even copy and paste one) I can refer them to my well-written post!

“I am so glad you asked about that.  In fact, that’s a super common question and I would love to share this article that I published about it!”

Use Your Blog Post of Socia Media Content

You are probably already doing this.  At least, a version of this.  Everyone copies that blog post link and pastes it on Facebook.  But there are so many ways you can get some additional mileage out of that post.

Share it once, then schedule to share it again in a month, and again in 6 months.  It feels repetitive to you, but remember, most of your followers will not see it, and many of those who do see it will forget it.  Resharing helps you to remain present.

Just because you’re resharing the same content doesn’t mean it needs to be repetitive.  Change up the image you choose to share, use a different little snippet from each section or headline in your piece (with a link to read more).  Other pieces that can be shared individually are impactful quotes, images, or infographics (like the one above, which was created for free in Canva).

You can do all of these things on each social media platform.

Live Video Tip – Go live to talk about your blog!  You already have your thoughts perfectly organized to capture attention.  This is a great way to connect with people who are never going to read a blog (some people just aren’t readers!) using the content you’ve already created.  You can do this on both Facebook and Instagram, and refer to your post for anyone who wants to go deeper.

Share Blog Content to Pinterest

Last year the Rising Tide Society shared a great guide and webinar with their local chapters to fill us in on the basics of Pinterest.  I highly recommend digging into that when you have time, but the short of it is that Pinterest is a powerful search engine to connect with a captive client base.  But it takes more than just sharing a link, or clicking the ‘Pin It’ button from your site.

pinterest on a laptop, blog to pinterest workflowYou’ll get the best performance out of graphics that you create specifically for Pinterest.  For each post, create a couple of different images.  Each of those images can be pinned on each relevant board that you have (over time, don’t do them all at once).  While you can schedule these pins for free on Pinterest, it is a bit tedious and time-consuming, so this year I gave Tailwind a try, and it really is a game-changer.  I can spend about 20-30 minutes creating graphics, then another 5 minutes to schedule all of them (usually 12-15 pins).  Through Pinterest, it would take about an hour.  That kind of time trade-off is well worth the $10 per month.  Best of all, Tailwind has a free trial.  Your first 100 pins are free; no time expiration.  If you’re new to Pinterest or just getting started populating an account, even if you just use the free trial, it will give you a great boost.

Repurposing Video Content

Each one of these platforms has the same capabilities for video as it does for photo and text.  Video pins outperform the image-only pins on my channel every time.  My video views are consistently higher on both Instagram and Facebook, and adding video content to your blog posts (and your website, in general) is yet one more opportunity to reach people who are looking for your products and services.

When you add video content to your website be sure that you get the most reach out of it by using these same techniques to share it on every platform!

When you’re ready to start working on a professional portfolio of video assets for your brand, the 304 Collective is here to make it happen!  From small businesses just stepping into branded video, or marketing departments who need a hand carrying out their plan, we’ve got our cameras ready and would love to talk! Contact us today to start the conversation about YOUR video.