We provide a few different types of video production here at the 304 Collective, and our process differs slightly for each project.  We customize our workflow to match your project each time.

Working with An In House Marketing Team

When we work with an existing marketing team, we know that you have already spent a lot of time carefully crafting a vision for your video.  We take our cues from you in making every decision for your film.


Our pre-production process will discuss all aspects of your video, from overall vision to timelines and tiny details, so that we can be prepared to fill all the technical needs on our end.  We provide the video production crew to bring your ideas to life.

clients watching handheld video monitor

During the Video Shoot

Our experience in working with marketing teams gives us some insight into what you need during this process.  For some projects, you may send us out with a shot list or to cover an event.  On other projects, your team may be right there with us.  We provide lots of helpful extras, like monitors so you can see what the camera is capturing, in real-time, and make decisions on the spot to match your branding and vision.


Marketing teams who have an in-house video editor may choose to do their own post-production.  We provide quick and easy delivery of files, along with any notes your editor may need.

Most of the teams we work with do not have an in-house video editor, and we see their project through from filming to publication.  Our rough draft and review system gives you the control of the final content of your film.  Again, this process is different for every client.  Some teams prefer to receive a rough file of an entire interview or presentation and select which audio will be used before we ever start incorporating b-roll.  Others may give us that input during filming, and some may want to turn the entire process over to our team.  For each project, you will receive a review link to your film for easy notes on revision.

Start to Finish Video Production

Small businesses don’t have marketing teams, or in house video editors. This is where we come in.  We take the reins to guide your idea into a completed video.


After years of working with small businesses, we have pinpointed a workflow that will help us understand your video needs and goals for your video.  We use this process to clarify our understanding of your message, define what we need to capture while shooting your video, and help you to feel at ease with the filming process.  During this stage, we’ll answer any questions you may have and help you prepare for the film day.

During the Video Shoot

video interview

Being in front of the camera feels uncomfortable.  We understand this, and help you feel at ease.  Our casual interview style is designed to feel more like a conversation; to make you forget the cameras are there.  We’ll ask strategic questions to hit those key points we talked about during the pre-production phase to be sure that we’re hitting all the goals for your video.  You don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing, or going off-topic.  We know what we can fix in editing, and we’ll circle back to topics we need to clarify or state differently.

We use b-roll (the video we capture of you working, or video of your business or event) to visually tell the story and capture the attention of viewers, but that interview content (and seeing you on camera) will form a strong connection with your future customers.


Video editing is a slow process, and we know how hard it is to wait for your finished film.  We’ll share little sneak peeks and behind the scenes editing stills as we work, and send you a link for review as soon as it’s ready.  We’ll also share tips and support for when you’re ready to share your video, so that you get the best reach possible!

Still have questions about what a brand film or promotional video might look like for your company? Contact us today to start the conversation about your video!

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