Project Description

4D Robotics created a modular, unmanned ground vehicle called the MRV-1.  This summer and fall, we spent time filming this robot at work to highlight several key components and created a video feature for each one.

Rugged and Reliable Robotics Video Feature

Precision Manipulation Arm Video Feature

Heavy Lift Hydraulic Arm Video Feature


MRV-1 Main Product Video

We also created a piece that highlights all the features of this robot, suitable for sharing the full range of functionality with potential buyers and trade show displays.  This shoot entailed working in both our studio and in several rugged locations to capture the different settings and situations this robot is designed to encounter.  To be able to film how rugged and reliable this design is, we had to get right there in the mud with it.

Product Photos

Finally, since we were already capturing this equipment in both a studio setting with a white seamless backdrop, and in a variety of settings, we were able to provide product photos for marketing purposes in addition to the video assets.

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